Special Import Orders

Special Import Orders

We work closely with two partner factories in mainland China, one that specialises in frame and handle production and the other finished and printed umbrellas. We can supply the following umbrellas from these factories: golf umbrellas, folding umbrellas, walking length city umbrellas, ladies umbrellas, wooden frame parasols and metal frame parasols.

The viable minimum quantity of umbrellas required to import is 250 pieces and the delivery time by sea freight is generally 12-14 weeks depending on the type of umbrella and frame required. The umbrellas can be sent by air freight saving approximately 4 weeks delivery time if required. Our UK stock lines can be duplicated at the factories in China and branding can be achieved by screen printing, offset transfer printing or digital printing. We are able to work from your design brief or help you create the perfect umbrella to most suit your corporate image or brand. We are often tasked with producing a small quantity of umbrellas in our UK production facilities for short term requirements whilst a bulk order is being prepared at the factory in China.

Process & Production schedule:

Choose the umbrella style or styles most suited to your requirements from our website.

Decide on the quantity of umbrellas required.

Decide the canopy colours required for your umbrellas (Please note the minimum quantity of umbrellas required for Pantone colour matched fabric is generally 1000 pieces, however we do have an extensive range of stock colour fabrics)

Send us your artwork, design brief or general description of the umbrella required.

We will then create an umbrella visual for you to ensure we have interpreted your design correctly. We will also send you a sample umbrella should one be available. Time frame 1-3 days.

On approval of the design visual, we need to place your confirmed order with the factory and request a full production sample, time frame 7-10 days. (Please note—we cannot sample your design printed umbrellas from the factory without placing an order)

On approval of the sample umbrella we will commit the factory to making your umbrellas and ascertain the delivery date for your order, time frame 60-70 days.

On completion of the umbrellas we will organise all the shipping of your order, usually into our factory premises in Stockport, after checking everything is in order, we will re distribute the umbrellas to your delivery address. Time frame 90-100 days.

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Special Import Orders